Biography of Benito Manuel Agüero (ca. 1626-ca. 1670)

Spanish painter, who was born in Madrid to 1626 and died in the same town to 1670. He/She was disciple of Juan Bautista of el Mazo, was a great Landscaper, very correct in drawing; In addition, painted pictures of religious affair, in which the influence of the Venetian school is perceived in general and Titian in particular. His works can be seen in the palaces of Aranjuez and the Buen Retiro. Another famous picture of omen is that picks up the imposition of the divine chasuble San Ildefonso, in Madrid St. Elisabeth's Church. Throughout its production, is the footprint of the Italian and Central European models; in fact, his style has often confused with Jan Both and Juan Bautista Martínez del Mazo, at the time which also seems to Claudio de Lorena or Salvatore Rosa, in particular by the drama of his paintings.