Biography of Concepción Agüero (1847-1896)

Spanish-Cuban writer, born in Port au Prince (Cuba) in 1847, and died in 1896 in unknown place. Little more is known about his life and work, unless it enjoyed some prestige literary in their place of origin, since it stamped his various poems in periodicals more diffused by the Spanish Cuba in the 19th century. His dramatic work we have just received news of two works, one of them - apparently, a pastoral drama - inencontrable today. The other is a dramatic toy in one Act, written in verse, entitled the orphan, and that in his time did not brand new, but yes it deserved the honours of the printing press (Port au Prince: print "The volunteer", 1877). It's a smaller, typical piece of sentimental and tear Theater of its time, which pleads in favour of pious institutions and encourages the rich to keep them with their donations. Aguero Concepción devoted himself to his master and protector, don Teófilo Rafael Jiménez.


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