Biography of Martín Agüero Ereño (1902-1977)

Bullfighter Spanish, born in Bilbao on February 3, 1902, and died in his hometown on June 10, 1977.

After you have made a very interesting campaign as a novillero - grade which had arisen in Madrid the July 24, 1923-, on August 31, 1924 took the alternative in the Bullring in Málaga, where Manuel Jiménez Moreno ("Chicuelo"), in the presence of the witness, Luis Fuentes Bejarano, gave him a horned of the iron of don Pablo Romero. Madrid confirmed his doctorate on July 7, 1925, struggling bulls of the livestock of don Antonio Pérez in the presence of the Godfather Ricardo Anlló Orrio ("national") and "Gitanillo de Ricla," who acted as a witness. Cut the queue in the plaza de Logroño, on September 21, 1930.

Of as a result of complications arising from a serious Goring suffered in 1928, lost his left leg in 1949; the misfortune was further primed in it when, in 1973, suffered the amputation of his other leg.