Biography of Enrique Francisco de Aguesseau (1668-1751)

Chancellor of France, who was born in Luicoges in 1668 and died in Paris in 1751. At the age of twenty-three he/she was named lawyer of the King at the Ch√Ętelet, and shortly after attorney general at the Parliament of Paris. In 1700, he/she succeeded Briffe in the office of attorney general. It provided great services in a time of great famine, as the opposition to the registration of the bull Unigenitus, despite threats of Luis XIV. During the Regency was appointed Chancellor and, within a year, separate and banished for opposing the system of Law. Upon his return, he/she held his destiny for two years, until the issue of the famous Bull, who returned to find him so firm as the first time, he/she sent him back to exile. Finally, in 1727, he/she was appointed for the third time to deal with their old destination, where he/she continued until shortly before his death.