Biography of Diego de Aguiar (s. XVII)

Born in Lugo, was Mayor of the seventeen towns of San Clemente. He/She wrote a work to test the affinity of languages Latin and Spanish, entitled miscellaneous sweet of Castilian and Latin verses; bilingual composition, imitated by some, but difficult continuing due to his lengthy argument. Bernardino Guzmán, 1621-Malaga by Pedro López de Aguiar Madrid, 1638. He/She was the translator of universal relations in the world of Juan Botero Benes; whose first and second part, published in Valladolid Diego Fernández de Córdoba, in 1603. Did not translate the other two sides because, as he/she says in the prologue, the translations had D. Antonio López de Calatayud, by whose order had made the version of the first two.