Biography of José Aguiar García (1895-1976)

Spanish painter, born in Cuba, in turns of Santa Clara, in 1895, and died in Madrid, in 1976.

He did his training in Madrid, a city that was since 1930, at the school of fine arts of San Fernando, where he/she received classes of José Pinazo. Thanks to a scholarship granted by the Cabildo insular of la Gomera, after his first exhibition at the Museum of modern art in Madrid (1935), he/she traveled for Italy, where he/she received the influence of the painting of the treccento especially of Masaccio, and the Pompeian painting, whose reflexes remain in his work. As a fellow of the Foundation Juan March he/she made his best-known work, the L.a. box and monsters, where it departs from his usual theme of religious and regionalistic, and begins to show the expressionist features that characterize all his work of recent years.

Besides easel paintings, he/she made murals like the one made to the Casino in Santa Cruz of Tenerife.


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