Biography of Carlos Enrique Aguila (¿-1815)

Traveler and astronomer, whose life is little known is known only that he/she spent the last years in Paris, where he/she died in 1815. From 1770 to 1774, he/she toured the regions of the Baltic Sea, of the sea in the North, Finland, Russia, Denmark, England and America. In 1774, he/she moved from Venice to Constantinople, and then settled in France. In 1789, he/she went to Sweden and witnessed the murder of Gustavo III and, in 1802, he/she returned to France for the last time.

He left the following writings: history of the memorable events of the reign of Gustavo III; Ancient and modern causes of the events at the end of the 18th century; Discoveries of the orbit of the Earth from the center point of the orbit of the Sun.