Biography of Gaspar Honorat de Aguilar (1561-1623)

Playwright and Spanish poet, born in Valencia, city that wrote several works custom, both comedies and relationship of parties. He/She served various noblemen as Secretary and served as steward in the House of the Dukes of Gandía. Along with his prose (bridal party that the city and the Kingdom of Valencia made the marriage of Felipe III, 1599) and his verse (in rhymes: human and divine, 1623), its main work belongs to the field of theatre. He/She wrote three types of comedies: swashbuckling, as Honorable vengeance (1616); religious theme, as the great Patriarch Saint Juan de Ribera (1616); and noise, the way of the melancholic Gypsy and lovers of Carthage. The expulsion of the Moors from Spain (1610), topic treated in the hagiographic work mentioned above is the author of an epic poem. His works include, besides: the humble new, lovers of Carthage and the loving merchant. He/She was one of the founding members of the Academy of the night.