Biography of Manuel Aguilar Chacón (¿-1846)

Costa Rican politician, born in San José on August 12, 1797 and died on June 6, 1846. He/She was President of Costa Rica between 1837 and 1839, the date in which his Government was overthrown by a revolution.

Son of Miguel Antonio Aguilar Fernández and Josefa de Luz Aguilar Chacón, graduated in law and started his political career in the Government of Juan Mora Fernández:, where he/she arrived to occupy positions of importance.

On April 17, 1837 the Congress of Costa Rica appointed don Manuel as head of State in place of the deposed Braulio Carrillo, who later tried unsuccessfully to regain power. Despite the insurrection of Carrillo, Aguilar pardoned him due to the weakness of his own Government and the critical situation that crossed the country.

During the Presidency of Aguilar, there were laws in favour of public morality, public instruction and the promotion of the roads, the law that established the capital in San Juan's bat was abolished and as the new capital San José was established. In addition, Aguilar strengthened Costa Rica foreign relations with neighbouring countries, stimulated public education and during his Government were to prevent epidemics and preserve the public health regulations and standards.

May 27, 1839, Aguilar was overthrown and exiled by a group of disgruntled military; his replacement, Braulio Carrillo, strengthened the position of San José as the capital. The progressive Manuel Aguilar died on June 6, 1846.