Biography of Sergi Aguilar (1946-VVVV)

Spanish sculptor, born in Barcelona in 1946. Between 1962 and 1967 he/she studied at the Massana school and in the Conservatory of the arts of the book Barcelona. In 1965, he/she traveled to Paris, where they produced their first encounter with the sculptural work of Julio González and Brancusi.

Coming from a family of goldsmith tradition, began his artistic career at the end of the 1960s in the design and manufacture of jewels. From 1972 he/she devoted himself fully to sculpture and used during the first two years, preferably, bronze, brass, concrete and steel. Subsequently, from 1973 to 1980, iron used since 1979 and Belgium black marble.

His sculptural work aesthetically joins the tradition of geometrical purism and minimalism. To develop its work, part of the drawing and preparatory studies that attaches a great importance. Great formal purity that has characterized their parts since its inception the concern has joined in his most recent works by the colours of the materials used.

In 1986 they performed, commissioned by the city of Barcelona, his first monumental sculpture installed in the Via Julia of Barcelona. In 1980 he/she received the "prize sculpture Cáceres". In 1992, he/she made a sculpture consisting of four large rectangular pieces of iron, called brand D'AIGUA, in homage to the poet Carlos Barral, located on the beach of la Pineda from Tarragona.

In 1994 he/she returned to small parts, arranging them in small groups of three or four parts, called the "Traces".

Some of his works are in the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, The Chase Manhattan Bank, Fundación Caixa de Pensions in Barcelona, Museum of fine arts of Asturias, Fundación Juan March of Madrid, Museum of fine arts of Alava in Vitoria, Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat de Catalunya.


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