Biography of Luis Aguilé (1941-2009)

Melodic singer and showman, real name Luis María Aguilera, born in Buenos Aires on February 24, 1941, and died in Madrid on October 10, 2009.

It was very popular in Spain in the 1960s for her appearances on television and at a huge number of song festivals. In fact, when he/she came to Spain for the first time, he/she did it to participate in the Youth Festival of 1963 with the Dynamic Duo, José Guardiola and Gelu. Before arriving in Spain he/she was already well known in Argentina, where he/she made his debut at the age of fifteen and earned his reputation as a showman and presenter.

In Spain began to succeed with "Dile", and later "Look at that Moon, Marina" and the adaptation of solitary city. Because of his talent of animator, it was claimed in various television shows, as a great stop and friends on Monday. To these he/she added years after arrival international and the thousand and one star hotel.

In the 1970s he/she devoted himself almost exclusively to summer, as "El tio cramps" or "La Chatunga" songwriting, but he/she earned his greatest success with the ballad "When I left Cuba", song based on the traditional Cuban song "Guantanamera". This song became the anthem of the Cuban exile outside the island, and even the American Group Sandpipers did an English adaptation of the same.

In the 1980s followed related to the world of music on television, as a consultant in the play one, two, three introduced by Kiko Lergard, one of the biggest successes of Spanish Television audience. Always in the background, he/she continued to work as an independent producer.

He died in a hospital in Madrid, after fighting against cancer, at the age of 73.


All my successes of the summer. 1973 I hope you in the beach. 1974. between love and nostalgia. 1977. a romantic journey. 1985 happy music. 1989.