Biography of Alonso de Aguilera (1514- ca. 1586)

Spanish conquistador, born in Porcuna in 1514 and died in Cordoba in 1586. Son of Alonso of Aguilera and Mariana Fernández Gascón, arrived in Chile in 1550 to take part in the war against the araucanos Indians; his outstanding actions deserved him to be rewarded with an encomienda. On October 5, 1550 was founded the city of Concepción, historic event at which he/she was present. He/She represented this city and the own Pedro de Valdiviaat the meeting of the chapter which took place before the King on October 25 of that year of 1550. It undertook shortly after the return to Spain, where he/she arrived 30 January 1552. Never again returned to Chile.