Biography of Inés de Aguilera (s. XVII)

Chilean heroin, born on date unknown and probably died in the city of La Imperial in March 1600; It lived approximately from mid-16th century until the beginning of the 17TH. Daughter of Spaniards Pedro Olmos de Aguilera and María Zurita Villavicencio, married but Fernández of Córdoba.

In 1599 the city of La Imperial, founded in 1551, in which Ines resided together his family; It began to be attacked by Mapuche Indians and hiliuches, which had rebelled against the Spanish colonists years earlier. After these first moments, it was decided that it was necessary to halt the advance of the Indians, attacking directly, so a group of forty men went out of the city in order to expel the rebels from the area. After suffering a catastrophic defeat, in which Ines lost his father, Spanish troops in the area were prepared to resist in the inner city. In March 1600, the attacks became increasingly hard and many were those who left the Imperial, at that time Aguilera Inés stood in front of the Spanish forces and tried to resist with all their might attack the Indians, so stand out for their courage and bravery. After two days of siege the Indians entered the town, which was looted and burned.