Biography of Domingo de. Marqués de Benalúa Aguilera y Contreras (1796-1864)

Military Spanish born in Madrid December 20, 1796 and died in Higares (Toledo) Castillo on May 11, 1864.

Ninth son of Manuel Aguilera Galarza, Marquis of Cerralbo, and Josefa Contreras Bargas, Countess of Alcudia.El 3 April 1802 enter how supernumerary Corps guard and 12 May 1813 joins ranks as a distinguished infantry soldier. From January 1814 is fitting in Madrid. In July 1815 happens to Catalonia - Girona, Figueres, Mataró, Barcelona-, where remains, in conditions of extreme hardness, sometimes March 1816 under the tutelage of general Castaños. In the following years he/she makes little progress on his military career.

Proclaimed the Constitution in 1820 shows a sincere adhesion to the new regime, as does his brother Gaspar. July 10 is arrested, along with other guards pertaining to liberalism, by order of the Marquis of Castelar, Captain of the Guard Corps, a dark incident occurred the day before the oath of the Constitution by Fernando VII. His arrest, described as arbitrary in liberal media, will last for several weeks. On July 7, 1822 it contributes to the liberal victory over Guards Corps raised arms against the constitutional regime. Good behavior in that day earned him the title of benemérito of the homeland. That same year takes part in various waged skirmishes in Catalonia against the absolutist ringleader Jep dels Estanys. On September 13, 1822 he/she was promoted to the job of Captain of cavalry.

Fled the country after the restoration of the absolutist, in September 1824 is located in Santander, where he/she married María Santiago Perales, mother of their six children, two of them prior to their marriage. That same year, the Spanish authorities claim French extradition of the brothers Gaspar and Domingo Aguilera for complicity - questionable in the case of the second - in the murder of the priest Vinuesa. In 1827 he/she resides in Brussels, in the company of his brother and his wife. After the revolution of 1830, he/she moved with his family to Paris. The following year it is included in the list of Spanish refugees entitled to subsidies from the French State. On February 19, 1833 being situated in Bordeaux without resources, is targeting the French authorities with the request to provide him with the return trip to Spain. Once repatriated soon regain their rights as an officer of the Spanish army. His service record closes April 10, 1835 with the rank of Captain of cavalry. Translates of the Roche-Aymon count: the Service Manual the light cavalry in campaign (Madrid, León Amarita, 1838), already published in 1819, without name of translator.

In 1838 he/she obtained the habit of Knight of the order of Montesa. On the death of his brother Gaspar, happens to bear the title of Marquess of Benalúa. It dies of apoplexy in properties of Higares Castillo, province of Toledo, on May 11, 1864.


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