Biography of Gaspar Marqués de Benalúa Aguilera y Contreras (1795-1856)

Military and Spanish politician born in Madrid on April 12, 1795, and died on December 25, 1856.

Brother of Fernando Aguilera y Contreras, XV Marqués de Cerralbo, received a careful education, entering the 3 April 1802, 6 years of age, as Guard Corps. To an ecclesiastical career, and having received the tonsure, in September 1804 receives an ecclesiastical benefit at Cabezas de San Pedro, but soon decides to change orientation: between 1806 and 1809 courses in Salamanca logic, metaphysics and moral philosophy.Enrolled in mathematics on 28 April 1810 war of the country situation probably not let you continue. By influences of his mother with the general Tomás O' Donujú enter as a soldier distinguished in the 2nd Regiment of infantry of Jaén, participating with him in the battle of Vitoria, but being increasingly less enthusiastic in the chosen career. It aims to pass guards Spanish, or take the absolute license. The 25 February 1818 he/she was appointed temporary Cadet.

Liberal in 1820, we see him in Lorencini in April and at the Ateneo, May 14, 1820. It seems that it collaborates in the constitutional, the Spanish writer and the Publisher. His defense of the liberal honour guards resulted in brochure behavior observed by the guards of the person of the King, arrested on the morning of July 10 (Madrid, 1820), and its sequel (both returned to publish by Aragonese sources).Defendant, the same as his brother Domingo, of having participated in the murder of Vinuesa, anything more than doubtful: anyway were not incurred.

At the end of may of 1821 went to Paris, where, very guarded by French police, returns in September, in 1830 is in Brussels, together with other émigrés, going to Paris in September of this year. In 1831 aligns with mine, Alcalá Galiano, Isturiz, etc., i.e. the conservative side in the split between the allies. For this reason refused to attend the meeting of Spaniards emigrated, convened in Paris for the May 25, 1831, believing it futile. He/She returned to Spain in January 1834, militating in PROGRESSIVISM.

The day before occurs low in the army, i.e., on February 24, 1836 is named official 1st Secretary of State. On 20 May of the same year holds the position of Secretary of the Council of Ministers, he/she resigned on August 16, 1836. In the following years is dedicated to a series of apparently private activities.On December 17, 1843 he/she was appointed Secretary of the Embassy in Paris and responsible acting of the Spanish representation, on October 25, 1844, Marquis of Benalúa, and Commander of the Legion of honor and Commander of Carlos III, in 1846.

Minister Plenipotentiary, on April 26, 1847, ceases the 27th Secretary of the Embassy in Paris, to be incompatible. On February 25, 1851 is separated from active duty by Narvaez and submitted extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Berlin, in 1848. Senator, on October 30, 1851, Royal Advisor, November 8, 1853, ceases in December from his post in Berlin. Passed the last years of his life between Paris and Pau.


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