Biography of Marià Aguiló i Fuster (1825-1897)

Poet and Spanish scholar born in Palma de Mallorca on May 16, 1825 and died in Barcelona on June 6, 1897. He/She studied law in Barcelona, although it never practice any profession related to the world of laws; in fact, soon he/she was subjugated by the Catalan language and literature, that deserved all the time and effort of this scholar. He/She worked as a librarian in Barcelona, Valencia, and again in Barcelona, where he/she was director of the Provincial Library and University until his retirement.

It was an indisputable from the Renaissance figure, as he/she compiled important works of scholarship as the Catalan literature of 1474 to 1800, the Catalan library, an anthology of ancient texts, the inventory of the Catalan language, an anthology of songs, ballads, etc. and his ballads popular, with a first volume published in 1894. His great dictionary, an impressive work of collection of lexicographical material for many counties and towns, was published years later by Pompeu Fabra and Manuel de Montoliu in 8 volumes.

His romantic poetry is written in mallorquí and catalan; his two works, the book of death (1899) and the book of love (1901), were published after his death. Their language is a purported idiomatic purity and is linked to their studies on the popular Catalan-speaking. In 1866, his efforts as scholar and poet, earned him the title of master in "gai saber". In 1860, it was the award of the national library by his Catalan library; This work was published after his death, by his son Ángel Aguilo, titled catalogue of works in the Catalan language printed from 1474 until 1860 (1923).


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