Biography of Marcos Aguinis Krutiansky (1935-VVVV)

Narrator, essayist, physician and Argentine psychoanalyst, born in Córdoba in 1935. Came to be known as a writer at twenty-eight years of age, by means of the publication of the book entitled Maimonides, a Sage of advanced (1963), which proposes to the philosopher and Jewish jurist as a model to follow. Six years after the publication of this debut, Marcos Aguinis gave to printing the novel entitled refugees, Chronicle of a Palestinian (1969), which soon followed the narration that would consecrate him definitively as one of the most outstanding of the Argentine in the second half of the 20th century letters. It's the inverted Cross (1970), awarded the prestigious Premio Planeta of novel and unanimously praised by critics and readers (in a short time more than one million copies sold). His other novels of great interest are the entitled Cantata of the Devils (1972), the conspiracy of idiots (1978), the perpetual combat (1981), desecration of love (1982) and the gesta del marrano (1991). In assault on Paradise (2003) author novel the attack against the israeli Embassy in Argentina in which 22 people were killed.

In addition, Marcos Aguinis has also grown with remarkable success difficult genre of short narrative, he/she has contributed a series of stories collected in two volumes: operating siesta (1978) e and fruitful (1986) branch. In his facet as an essayist, cordovan writer has given to the printer the following titles: card hopeful to a general (1983), the value of writing (1985), a novel (1988), in praise of guilt (1993) and dialogues about the Argentina and the end of the Millennium (1996), this last writing in collaboration with Monsignor just lagoon.