Biography of Humberto Aguirre Doolan (1908-1983)

Chilean politician, born in Magallanes on August 1, 1857 and died in Santiago on February 25, 1983.

Son of Luis Aguirre Cerda and Flora Doolan, like so many other students from provinces with some position, studied at the Instituto Nacional in Santiago and in the boarding school Barros Arana, concluded which entered the University of Chile, where he/she obtained his degree of agricultural engineer in 1930. His interest in politics prompted him to join the ranks of the Radical Party, and in 1938, when the presidential election was conducted and his uncle, don Pedro Aguirre Cerda, won the triumph went on to work with him as Secretary Chief of the Presidency of the Republic, in which served until his uncle died in 1941 and took power Jerónimo Méndez Arancibia. In 1946 he/she was appointed to take charge of the portfolio of agriculture and the following year was holder of lands and colonization, and devoted himself completely to their new work. Its well-earned reputation made that in 1949 it was elected to the Chamber of deputies by Chillán, who left in 1953 to occupy a seat of Senator for Ñuble, Concepción and Arauco provinces. In 1958 he/she left Congress to take over the Presidency of the Radical Party. In addition to his political activity, multiplied its time to develop various charitable activities; also, his concern for the interests of Chile led him to become one of the most prominent members of the Council of defence of the child, of the Bolivarian society and founder of the Institute O'Higginiano, whose presidency he/she held for over thirty years.