Biography of Francisca Aguirre (1930-VVVV)

Poet Spanish born in Alicante on October 27, 1930. Writer of late vocation, not became known as a poet until after having fulfilled the forty years of age, when, already installed in the capital of Spain, gave to the press the Ithaca poems (Madrid: Spanish Agency for international cooperation, 1972), first work which, by its depth and poetic quality, was pleasantly surprised critics and readers and was deserving of the prestigious award "Leopoldo Panero" of poetry (in his edition of 1971).

Four years after the emergence of Ithaca, Francisca Aguirre Benito returned to the attention of scholars of the contemporary Spanish poetry to take up with the no less renowned prize "City of Irun", which, in its edition of 1976, fell on the second book of poems of the author, entitled the three hundred echelons (Madrid: ECSC, 1977). Subsequently, the Alicante writer has increased its print production with other three poems of great interest: other music (Madrid: Spanish Agency for international cooperation, 1978); Mirror, mirror (San Sebastián de los Reyes [Madrid], 1995); and rehearsal (Madrid: editions of the society of culture Valle-Inclán, 1996).