Biography of Marcelo Aguirre (1956-VVVV)

Ecuadorian painter, born in Quito on December 15, 1956. He artistically formed in Argentina (workshop Serna from Buenos Aires), in Quito (Faculty of Arts of the University Central) and in Germany (Academy of Arts of Berlin). Son of a French mother and diplomat father, his work is soaked in German neo-Expressionism, with special affinity with De Kooning, whose work appreciated personally during his stay in Berlin. In Aguirre, the creative process, is fundamental in such a way that his works "itself carry the story of its creation". He works one layer over another, correcting and adding any change on the fly. His pictures show a front and deep, colorful lines and violent brushstrokes. He has participated in group exhibitions in almost all Latin American countries, in Miami and Brussels, as well as in international biennales in Cuba, Brazil, Cuenca (Ecuador), Peru, and Chile. He has also made solo exhibitions in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Bogot√°, Lima and Berlin. He has served in addition teaching assignments as a drawing teacher at the universities Central and San Francisco de Quito.