Biography of Ignacio Agustí Peypoch (1913-1974)

Novelist and Spanish journalist, born in Llissá de Vall (Barcelona). He/She studied law before being to write newspaper articles and poetry in catalan; arriving the Civil War, he/she joined national area and began to publish in Spanish. As a journalist, he/she highlights his work as director of the weekly destination; as a man of letters, all his fame because it is a realistic novel in Spanish, Mariona Rebull (1941), which deals with the ascension of a proletarian family from Barcelona until the class average high. The saga begins in 1865 and ends around 1944. Also wrote other works such as El viudo Rius (1945), Desiderio (1957), nineteenth of July (1966) and civil war (1972). Other works are grooves (1942), a lyrical novel, and a century of Catalonia (1940), offering several prints of the Catalan life; posthumous, appeared to talk (1974), a hybrid writing that presents as a journalistic memoirs.