Biography of San Agustín de Canterbury (¿-604)

Holy regarded as the Apostle of England. The date of his birth is unknown and it is believed that he/she died about the year 604. He/She was sent to preach to the English, by Pope Saint Gregorio I, in the year 596, along with a group of monks of the same Roman monastery of San Andrés. San Agustín de Canterbury arrived on the shores of Kent, South-East of England, and instructed the performers carrying the nation of the Franks, to announce the good news of salvation which sent them the Church of Rome; the King of those lands King Ethelbert, welcomed them with great courtesy, since despite being pagan was positively willing toward Christianity, and allowed that they will accommodate in the city of Canterbury, giving them freedom that they predicasen their religion and providing everything necessary for their sustenance. San Agustín and his companions, through preaching, prayer, and the example of their lives, soon picked up the fruit of their apostolate, achieving the conversion of the King. In the beginning he/she used an ancient Roman Church, but he/she soon began to build churches. Once established in a definitive way in Canterbury, following the instructions of the Pope, he/she returned to Arles (France), to be there consecrated Archbishop of the British nation. The Pope entrusted the Supreme jurisdiction over all the bishops from Britain and sent him sacred ornaments and more priests to continue the apostolic work. The episcopal see of London was erected and its first bishop appointed to Meliton. San Agustín, supported by the King, began the construction of the Church that later would be the Cathedral of Canterbury, and before his death, dedicated to Lorenzo as his successor. It is believed that he/she died in the year 604, the same year as Pope Gregory. He/She was first buried near the Cathedral, because it had not finished or consecrated, but later his remains were moved to the North entrance of the Cathedral of Canterbury.