Biography of Delmira Agustini (1886-1914)

Uruguayan poet, born in Montevideo in 1886 and died in the same city on July 6, 1914, which stands out as one of the most dazzling figures in modernist poetry hispanoamericano.

Delmira Agustini, "La Musa" (the white book).

He was born in a family of middle class, who are worried about their education and encouraged his literary vocation. In 1913, he/she married Enrique Job Reyes, and witness of the wedding was the writer Juan Zorrilla San Martín. Despite the love of the couple, Delmira and her husband were not happy in her marriage, and separated shortly after. The reason for this break, probably was the solitary, independent and proud of Delmira character. He/She initiated the divorce proceedings, and during its course looked furtively with her husband. In one of these dates, the husband killed her twice, and committed suicide immediately.

His poetic work is not extensive, but full of originality and imagination, which gives it a special meaning. In 1907, his initial work, the white paper, was published later would come the morning songs (1910) and the empty chalices (1913) and the stars of the abyss (1914). His complete poems appeared in 1944 in Buenos Aires.