Biography of Queen of Egipto Ahhotep II o Iah-hotep II (ca. 1590 a.C.)

(Iah-htpo) The King's daughter Senakhtenre, the 17th Dynasty Egyptian, and Queen Tetisheri, sister and wife of the King Seqenenre Taa, and mother of Kings (last representative of the 17TH dynasty) Kamose and Ahmose I (founder of the 18th) and Queen Ahmose Nefertari. Next to the title of Queen, on a Stela of post-petroleum era (Thutmosis I), Ahhotep II carries the title of the wife of the God Amon; This indication is an anachronism or posthumous transmission of such title, registered for the first time in Ahmose Nefertari. Also, the description of Ahhotep II on a stele dedicated by his son Ahmose I, found at Karnak, as "Princess of the coastal countries of Haunebut", should not be interpreted as the existence of a partnership between Egypt and the islands of the Aegean Sea, but rather as a reference to fortunate campaigns of his son in the Middle East. Ahhotep II was Regent of his son Ahmose I when he/she agreed to the throne while still underage; It also substituted him in such position during the military campaigns of the King, taken in the North. Ahmose I felt a great veneration by his mother, known by the Estela de Karnak. The same felt her other daughters of Ahmose-Nebetta, Ahmose-Henutempet and Ahmose-Tumerisi. Ahhotep II died between 16 and 22, the reign of Ahmose I, overcome now 80 years of age, and was buried in a tomb in Dra Abu el-Naga (Thebes). After receiving worship next to the own Ahmose Nefertari and Amenhotep I. In 1858 was found the sarcophagus and Mummy, enhanced with splendid jewels (between including a dagger of gold leaf, several axes of match - three gold and six silver-, a chest of gold and enamel, and the famous three "flies" gold, no doubt decorations at their value when he/she acted as Regent), today in the Museum of Cairo.