Biography of King of Biblos Ahiram o Ahirom (ca. 1000-990 a.C.)

(hrm) Phoenician King of Byblos (Jbeil), best known for a famous sarcophagus discovered in 1923 and now preserved in the National Museum of Beirut. In the lid of it an inscription recorded at the beginning of the 10th century B.c. by order of his son there is Itthobaal I, which collects almost all signs of the Phoenician alphabet. The same refers to punishment and misfortunes that would fall on anyone who dared to desecrate the grave. This piece, by the archaeological context accompanying him (vessels with the name of the Pharaoh Rameses II), had to belong to another King and, consequently, the deceased King appeared in the relief is not Ahiram. His son Itthobaal I succeeded him on the throne.