Biography of Schad-Duri-Duran Ahmad-Sahah (1724-1772)

Founder of the Afghan monarchy or Empire Durani; He/She was born by the years of 1724, between the Herat and the Kandahar, and died in Kohtoba, in the Kandahar mountains, in 1772. When his father died, he/she fell with his brother in power of Hussein-Saha, owner of the Kandahar, but it was spared by Nadir Shah, who took his affection and gave him a command in their armies. The death of Nadir Shah was proclaimed King of Afghanistan; He/She then undertook a series of conquests to enlarge his empire; He/She seized the Kingdom of Kashmir, and penetrated into the Hindustan to Dehli, which was looted by soldiers; However, he/she made peace with the Mughal Emperor and married a Princess of the imperial family, then giving back to his country. But he/she had barely passed the Indus, when he/she learned that the maratas had invaded the Hindustan and established its sovereignty in it. He/She returned back in order to throw them in your country, but this gave rise to a long war that lasted three years, out of which I defeated them completely in a great battle; He/She said after another war, not least long, against the sikhs, who could not destroy, and died of an ulcer that was formed in the face, at the age of forty-nine years, being buried in the Kandahar.