Biography of King of la taifa de Alpuente Ahmed Adud al-Dawla (¿-1043)

Third King of the taifa of Alpuente, belonging to the family of the Banu Qasim, son of Muhammad I. Born on date unknown and died in 1043. Upon arrival to power, following the death of his father in 1042, he/she adopted the title of Abdud al - Dawla, but hardly practiced control of the Kingdom since his ephemeral reign ended the following year of its inception.

As his father came to power in a peaceful way. Just data of their performances have in the Government of Alpuente, since died a year after coming to the throne. His untimely death provoked a crisis of Government within the dynasty as the legitimate heir, his son, Muhammad II, came to power when he/she was only seven years old. The decision to impose a child as heir to the throne of Alpuente came supported by a group of nobles led by the maternal grandfather of the small Muhammad Qasim. The brothers of the previous King were unhappy with such a decision, since de-facto who exercised the duties of Government was the own Qasim. The reaction from disgruntled with the young monarch was swift and headed by his uncle Abdallah, who would rule under the name of Abdallah II Nizam al - Dawla, revolted and were able to depose Muhammad, which deported with her mother. Abdallah II Nizam al - Dawla to legitimize their rights to the throne, married the mother of Muhammad and wife of his deceased brother Amed Abdud al - Dawla, to appoint King with total peace of mind.


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