Biography of King of la taifa de Zaragoza Ahmed al-Mustansir (ca. 1090-ca. 1146)

Last little King of the taifa of Zaragoza, born about 1090 and died to 1146.

The death of Abd al - Malik Imad al - Dawla in 1130, succeeded him as King of the taifa of Zaragoza. The city had been conquered in 1118 by Alfonso I el Batallador and already at the time of his predecessor had moved the ineffective Government from Zaragoza to the fortress of Rueda de Jalón, where Ahmed al - Mustansir tried to maintain the autonomy, the Almoravids, both Christians. His Government was very weak against the strength of the Kingdom of Aragon and 1146, possible date of his death, ceased in the Government. There was no succession, marking the end of the formerly powerful taifa of Zaragoza.


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