Biography of Emir de Túnez Ahmed Ibn Marzuq (1283-1284)

Sixth emir hafsi of Tunisia (1283-1284), in the year 1282 claimed to be legitimate son of the old emir Yahya II (1277-1279), in order to claim the throne hafsi and rebel against the authority of the emir Ibrahim I (1279-1283).

After the conquest of the South of the Kingdom with the help of large contingents of Arab mercenaries, he/she settled in Tunisia and Ibrahim I forced to hastily retreat to spark plug. With the help of a powerful army formed by disaffected from politics by the emir Ahmed Ibn Marzuq Ibn Abi Umara got all the power and ordered run Ibrahim I and his son Abd al - Aziz I (1283), who in the year 1283 had been proclaimed emir in place of his father when it was forced to abdicate by the notables of the Kingdom in view of his political incompetence.

Although owner of all Tunisia, the power of the new emir had forged on too weak bases, as was demonstrated when the Arabs withdrew from the area and let you alone, circumstance that took Abu Hafs Omar, brother of the emir Ibrahim I, who did not have any problem to get rid of the intruder and make with the Kingdom under the name of Omar I (1284-1295).