Biography of Bey de Túnez Ahmed II (1929-1942)

Tenth seventh bey husayni of Tunisia born in 1929 and died in 1942, the son of the bey Alí III (1882-1902) and brother of the also bey Muhammad IV al-Hajj (1902-1906).

Took charge of the beylakato in 1929, after the death of the bey Muhammad VI (1922-1929). Initially it worked closely with the French colonial authorities, while during the year a new batch of young nationalist much more radical and better prepared than the old guard who was a member of the Destur thirty emerged in Tunisia. Among them was the young Habib Bourguiba, who through the newspaper La Voix du Tunisien, would channel efforts to rid themselves of the French colonial tutelage. As expected, these new leaders soon collide with the old leaders of the Destur and with the French authorities, which undertook the position of bey Ahmed, caught between two fires. However, both the bey Ahmed II and all the French General residents could not help the progressive strengthening of the nationalist positions in the country.

Before his death, Ahmed II had to deal with another serious problem as a result of the outbreak of the second world war. Because publics wishes of the Fascist Government of Mussolini to annex much of the Eastern territory of the country, the Paris Government led by Daladier hardened its uncompromising attitude towards any hint of independence.

At his death, he/she was succeeded in office by Muhammad VII al-Muncif (1942-1943), son of the old bey Muhammad V al-Nasir (1906-1922).