Biography of King of la taifa de Almería Ahmed Muizz al-Dawla (ca. 1060-ca. 1102)

King of the taifa of Almeria born about 1060 and who probably died in the first years of the 12th century. His short reign was truncated by the taking of Almería by the Almoravids.

Son of Muhammad al-Mutasim, belonged to the dynasty tuchibi of the Banu Sumadih, who had come to al - Andalus at the beginning of the 8th century and which had established kingdoms in Huesca and Almeria. During the reign of his father, he/she participated in the military actions undertaken by this, highlighting the battle of Sagrajas (1086), where Muizz al - Dawla was sent to replace al-Mutasim and with a large number of gifts for Yusuf ibn Tashufin.

He succeeded his father as King of the taifa of Almeria to the latter's death in June 1091; faced with the inexorable advance koubba, al - Mutasim had advised his son that if he/she saw fall Sevilla before the North Africans abandon Almeria and establish in the realm of the Banu Hammad, in the central Maghreb. The Almoravids occupied Almeria in November of 1091 and all the Banu Sumadih then abandoned the city, unless it can be if actually settled in the Maghreb.


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