Biography of King of Egipto Ahmose o Ahmosis I (1552-1527 a.C.)

(Iah-ms [w]) Founder of the 18th Egyptian dynasty, called Ahmose by Manetho. He/She was the youngest son perhaps of Seqenenre Taa , Ahhotep II and grandson of Tetisheri. It is known that he/she married his sister Ahmose Nefertari, woman who became second Prophet of Amun, and which had as children to Ahmose, who died very young and Amenhotep I, his successor on the throne. His daughter was Meryt-Amon I, sister and wife of the aforementioned Amenhotep I. Without having fulfilled the ten years still, Ahmose I happened on the throne his brother Kamose, and remained in the same 25 years and four months. It was the final expulsion of the Hyksos, who took his capital, Avaris, pursuing them to Sharuhen, in Palestine, and even to the vicinity of the river Euphrates. Then, he/she turned to Nubia, where carried out certain military actions, suffocating some rebellions (especially the Aaty and Teti-an) in the area of the falls. After organizing the Nubia area it undertook various administrative reforms are not available of detailed information, as well as a policy of restoration of temples (Maasara inscriptions), mostly of Buhen, Hermonthis, Abydos and Thebes and its imperial capital. During his Government included some personalities, including the military Ahmose, son of Abana, Ahmose Pennekhbet Neshi, and the high priests of Amun, Djeuty and Minmentju. It is unknown the tomb of Ahmose I, but not his Mummy, which was found in the "cache" of Deir el-Bahari. Some reliefs (Abidos Estela), two statues and a ushebti (this one in the British Museum) allow to know the physical traits of the King. Josephus, referring to Manetho, was the reign of Ahmose I (exodus) Jews out of Egypt, guided by Moses.