Biography of Ahmose Nefertari (ca. 1570-1504 a.C.)

(Iah-ms-nfr.t-iry) wife (and possibly sister) of Ahmose I, founder of the 18th dynasty. It was daughter of Seqenenre Taa and Queen Ahhotep II. To give up the role of second Prophet of Amun (as it is known by an Estela of Karnak), her husband granted him as great compensation amount of real and personal property, that served to create and maintain a school of priestesses, known as "the divine wife" or "Divine adoratriz", which would run during the new Empire (donation Stela). Of Ahmose Nefertari have come numerous references and monuments, including the mortuary temple Men-set, near Dra Abu el-Naga, as well as more than fifty escarabeos and other cultural objects with your name. It is also cited in the famous Ritual of Amenhotep I, which reached several Papyri. Among his titles can be distinguished from wife divina (Amon) - was the first to bring it, being the founder of such female religious school-, Lady of the two lands, great Royal wife and real mother. Killed his first son, name Ahmose, practiced the Regency during the minority of her other son Amenhotep I. Ahmose Nefertari died during the reign of Thutmosis I, 1504 BC, and was buried in a giant sarcophagus that was found in the "cache" of Deir el-Bahari and which contained his Mummy and other valuable objects. Up to the time of Herihor received funerary cult, especially by workers in Deir el-Medineh.