Biography of Ahmose o Amosis (ca. 1570-1505 a.C.)

(Iah-msw) Famous military of El-Kab, in the high Egypt, known for the biography in a rock tomb of such locality. He/She was son of Abana and militaristic Baba, whom he/she replaced in the position of Commander in the ship named "Fighting bull". The own Ahmose describes struggles against the Hyksos and the conquest of its capital, Avaris, where it showed its value, as well as on the website of Sharuhen, today Tell el-Far to the South of Palestine, in which three years were employed, but which were thrown the Hyksos refugees there. Also recounts a campaign in Nubia, the resistance to an insurrection in such area, driven by Aaty, and victory on the Teti-an levantisco, at the time of the King of the 17TH dynasty Kamose . Follow the story his exploits in a Nubian campaign carried out in times of Amenhotep I and other campaign nubia and Syria already reigning Thutmosis I. In this latest Naharina, that is, the country of Mitanni was conquered. The cave tomb inscription also includes series of rewards with which was given Ahmose (gold necklaces, fields of crops, slaves, cattle), as well as received titles ("Prince's fighter" and "Head of the sailors").