Biography of Eija Liisa Ahtila (1959-VVVV)

Born in 1959 in Hämeenlinna Finnish photographer and filmmaker.

Between 1980 and 1985 he/she studied at the University of Helsinki, city in which lives and works, and then complete their training with specialized studies of film, video and television in London College of Printing (1990-91), at the University of UCLA (1994-95) and the American Film Institute in Los Angeles (1994-95).

In origin, the conceptual content of the art of Ahtila had a clear philosophical, critical and feminist motivation focused on the global construction of images, languages, stories and spaces. Since 1990, the author derived its investigations into the issues surrounding the individual identity of the human being and the limits that are established between each and their own bodies with others. Human relationships, sexuality, the difficulties of communication give content to stories which reflected in his films, videos and photographs; "human drama", and qualifies them the author herself, that form and deform in images and sounds. Dialogues that accompany the scene reproduced, as a fictional story, experiences and personal research of the creator.

With the "human relations", as generic and central concept of his performing compositions Ahtila plays with intergenerational, intersex, or interpersonal relationships to set stories that often take place parallel in divided or images repeated several times and produce the visual impression of contemplating a story. Video, film, photography, text, installations, sound and scenarios are Ahtila work items to build the most recurrent topics of their production: identity, the media of the female body representation and narrative structures of the cinema and commercial television. In his last works, the author has come to the documentary genre and the vérité cimena near demonstrations that recall the cinematographic conception of the Dogma 95 group.

Since the mid of the nineties, it participates in international film festivals and artistic events varied content. Since the beginning of his career, the Nordic creator worked so that his works were disseminated in different contexts. Your videos and films in 35 mm are screened in cinemas, and with the same material performs scenic assemblies comprising through projectors, space facilities in showrooms and art galleries. His trilogy I / We, Okay and Gray (1993), with a duration of ninety seconds mini-short, has screened both in television - between sequences of commercials - fixed monitors scattered exposure in a particular spatial order. In His Absolute Proximity, Wonderland, The Tender Trap, Secret Garden, If 6 was 9, Today (film presented in the Panorama of the Berlinale 1997 section) Anne, Aki & God & Consolation Service (video award at the 1999 Venice Biennale) are his most recognized works.

Joint and individual exhibitions that have traversed the major museums of contemporary art and new trends from around the world, Ahtila creations are part of some prestigious collections in the Museum Kiasma and Tampere in Finland, the Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (the Netherlands), the Museum of Lyon (France), the moderate Museet in Stockholm (Sweden) and in private collections throughout ItalySwitzerland, Germany and United States.