Biography of San. Obispo de Lindisfarne Aidán (¿-651)

Ecclesiastical and English Saint born in date and place unknown and died 31 August 651 at Bamhoraugh. He/She was the first bishop of Lindisfarne and one of the most important monks of the first Scottish and Irish Church.

Nothing is known of San Aidán to her entry, when he/she was still very young, in the monastery of Iona Island, close to the coasts of Scotland. In the monastery he/she acquired fame of having great patience and good character.

The King of Northumbria, Oswaldo, requested the monastery of Iona who sent to his court to some monks so they predicasen Christianity among his subjects. The first Envoy was a such Corman, who due to his strong character and his intransigence did not obtain any results and had to return shortly thereafter. He/She is then decided to send to Aidan, considering that its qualities were the suitable for evangelization. Indeed, in a short time the successes achieved by the monk were amazing.

The 635 Aidan arrived on the island of Lindisfarne and became its first bishop, beginning with the so-called golden age of Lindisfarne. To Aidan Finan, Colman and Cuthbert would happen you. The four bishops eventually were canonized as introducers in England from Catholicism. Aidan and his successors brought to England a religion strongly influenced by the rites Celts, that there were mixed with the Saxons, and that was characterized by rating in a special way the contemplative life, monasticism and asceticism. Aidan spent long seasons on the tiny island of St. Cuthbert, opposite the island of Lindisfarne, retired to prayer and the most absolute isolation.

Lindisfarne became one of the most important cultural centers of high medieval Scottish Catholicism, being the best example of this famous Gospels illuminated by the monks at the end of the 7th century. Now regarded as one of the highest expressions of the Saxon art of the middle ages.