Biography of San Aidano (¿-651)

Monk, Apostle and Irish Bishop in the first half of the 7th century. Aidano embraces the religious life in the Monastery founded by san Columbano Islands Iona, Scotland, where it was formed in the monastic spirit. He/She joined then England with other monks to collaborate with san Oswaldo, King of Nortumbury, in the evangelization of the Saxons. Consecrated Bishop of Lindisfarne, Aidano distinguished himself in his work by his pastoral zeal, his exquisite charity and clear wisdom. During 18 years of episcopacy in Lindisfarne, was making schools and churches and monasteries.

Aidano Holy Bamborough died the year 651. The indeficiente goodness of this Apostle will be an example for centuries from Liverpool to Lancaster to Porsmounth Northamthon. His feast is celebrated on August 31.