Biography of Emperador de China Aidi o Liu Xin (26-1 a.C.)

Chinese emperor of the dynasty Western Han, born in the year 26 BC with the name of Liu Xin and died in 1 BC, which succeeded in the throne Emperor Chengdi, who died in the year 7 B.c. Aidi was the last sovereign of Western Han who reached the age of majority to be able to govern, although he/she could not resist the powerful influence of the courtiers clans.

Named Prince of Dingtao (22 BC) and heir to the throne (8 BC) after death without direct descent from Chengdi, Aidi lacked qualities for the Government and lived obsessed with a young lover Dong Xian, who did relapse titles (named it the State Marshal), riches, and even proposed it as heir to the throne. In addition, the young sovereign tried during his short reign curb the irresistible rise of the Wang family, headed by the widowed Empress and her nephew Wang Mang, favoring the political aspirations of other clans, such as the Fu and the Ding. However, the death of Aidi, the Wang quickly recovered their hegemony, to the point of being who chose the heir to Aidi in the figure of an eight-year-old child, proclaimed emperor with the name of Pingdi.