Biography of Emperador de China Aidi o Li Zhu (892-908)

Emperor Chinese, last of the Tang dynasty, born in the year 892 with the name of Li Zhu and died in 908. Ninth son of Emperor Zhaozong, Aidi was enthroned in the year 904 by Zhu Wen (future emperor Taizu) Governor military that had emerged at the end of the 9th century and the beginning of the 10th century the main arbiter of political of an empire in the process of internal decay and with imperial authority undermined completely. The new emperor, twelve years of age, was a true "puppet monarch" in the hands of its sponsor, reason why this last not was difficult to get the young sovereign to abdicate in his favour (year 907). This meant the end of the Tang dynasty and the beginning of a period of instability during which occurred under the five dynasties, the so-called period of the five dynasties in the Chinese throne.