Biography of Danny Aiello (1933-VVVV)

Film actor American, born in New York, on June 20, 1933.


Before debuting on the big screen, at the age of forty years, Danny Aiello was, by this order, President of the Union of one of the most popular in the United States bus companies and a charismatic actor's Theatre on Broadway. This debut came in 1973, playing a small role, that of Horse, in the film Bang the Drum Slowly, John Hancock, based on the work of Mark Harris about the world of professionalism in the 'baseball', who already had been taken more successfully to television with actor Paul Newman .

His physical, strong and sturdy, and his face, somewhat italianizado, caught the attention of Directors, so it started a host of characters with traits and Italian origins which, although they pigeonholed him in the future, led to his well-deserved reputation for today. This is how it was "Tony Rosato" the Godfather II (1974)-part of Francis Ford Coppola; "Danny LaGattuta" on the front (1976), Martin Ritt, wonderful view on the ups and downs of the Communist assumptions that were submitted by the sadly famous 'black lists'; It had its small moment, as "Artie", in Stony, blood hot (1978), Robert Mulligan, a melodrama of family and social conflicts of a family of Italian origin in New York; He/She was known for "Carmine" in Defiance (1980), by John Flynn; It gave life to "Morgan", the bad police shooting to the Puerto Rican from a roof in district Apache (1981), by Daniel Petrie; It was made to call The Protector (1985), "Danny Garoni" of James Glickenhaus, and played two captains of police with Italian surnames: Captain "Grasso" in Deathmask (1984), of Richard Friedman, and the Chief of police "Aiello" in once upon a time in America (1984), SergioLeone.

All this until Woody Allen gave the opportunity to have a role that is more comprehensive and lucid, as husband despotic and adulterer of Mia Farrow, in the Purple Rose of Cairo (1985) excellent, which returned to call him for their not less wonderful days of radio (1987), in which, under the name of "Rocco", where recreated once again an Italian accent. That same year, it intervened in a film of great prestige, moonstruck (1987), Norman Jewison, which again represented an Italian emigrant who is promised with Cher.

Far from despair for not getting never get rid of this type of papers, took advantage of this, exploited his accent, his physical appearance and got a nomination to the Oscar for her magnificent performance in beam what you owe (1989), by Spike Lee, film that gave the final prestige both its director and the own Aiello. The film dealt with the theme of racial conflicts rigorously, while remaining a comedy, whose action is situated in an area of Brooklyn populated mostly by Blacks, but whose place of meeting is a pizzeria, property, how not, from an Italian family, in which Danny Aiello is the father and John Turturro and Richard Edson are childrenpart of a minority that will not just be accepted by the society in which he/she lives.

In the 1990s, his prestige was so high that he/she was in the position in which they reject papers that did not seem to him to be interesting. Other papers, however accepted as of the large Falcon (1991), Michael Lehmann, with Bruce Willis; or, of course, the conspiracy of Dallas (1992), John Mckenzie, where recreates "Jack Ruby", the man who killed Lee Harvey Oswald, supposed murderer of John F. Kennedy; Lion (1994), Luc Besson, or, indeed, Two Much (1996), Fernando Trueba. But, of course, is splendid in The Closer (1990), of Dimitri Logothetis, although the movie, based on the play by Louis La Russo (Wheelbarrow Closers), as played by Aiello on Broadway in 1976, lacks narrative pulse that should have induced a good director. It should be noted his participation in what should have been a better movie, the ladder of Jacob (1990), Adrian Lyne; and he/she imposed as the political boss of Brooklyn, its huge presence in City Hall (1996), Harold Becker.

Endowed with a vigorous physical and personality is very defined and easy to pigeonhole, Danny Aiello has always combined perfectly your work on the big screen, television and the theater, where he/she has been nominated twice for the prestigious prize Joseph Jefferson and has won an Emmy Award and an Obie for his interpretations, full of strength and tenderness with equal shares.


As a film actor: 1973: Bang the Drum Slowly. 1974: The Godfather, II parte.1976: the testaferro.1978: Fingers; Stony, blood caliente.1980: Defiance; Hide in Plain Sight.1981: Chu chu and the Philly Flash; Apache.1984 district: Once upon a time in America; Old Enough; Deathmask; Broadway Danny Rose.1985: the Purple Rose of Cairo; The Stuff; Key Exchange; The Protector.1987: I moonstruck; Man of Fire; Radio days; The cazachicas.1988: White Hot.1989: The Third Solution; Harlem nights; Get what you need; The killer of the calendario.1990: the ladder of Jacob; The Closer.1991: 29th Street; The great Hawk; Dear intruso.1992: The Cemetery Club; The conspiracy of Dallas; Mistress.1993: The Pickle; Me and the Kid.1994: Leon: the professional; Prêt-à-porter. 1995: Power of Attorney; Lieberman In Love.1996: City Hall; Two Much; Mojave Moon; Two days in the valle.1997: A Brooklyn State of Mind; Unforgotten: Twenty-Five Years After Willowbrook (storyteller). 1998: Wilbur Falls; Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis.1999: Prince of Central Park; Mambo Café; 18 Shades of Dust.

Appearances as a guest on Television: 1977: Kojak (episode titled "Black Thorn").

Productions for Television: 1978: The Last Tenant; Lovey: A Circle of Children, Part II.1982: A Question of Honor.1983: Blood Feud.1985: Lady Blue.1987: Daddy.1988: Alone in the Neon Jungle.1989: The Preppie Murder; Making ' Do the Right Thing'. 1995: Brothers' Destiny.1997: The Last Don (Miniseries); Dellaventura (series). 1998: The Last Don II (Miniseries).