Biography of King of Croacia Aimón de Saboya-Aosta o Tomislav II (1900-1948)

Noble and Italian politician. He/She was born in Turin on March 9, 1900 and died in Buenos Aires (Argentina) on January 30, 1948. Belonging to the Savoy family, the Royal family in Italy, after the invasion of Yugoslavia by the Germans in 1941 was appointed King of an independent Croatian State. In fact he/she never served as King, dedicated to the performance of his charges in the Italian Navy.

Aimon de Saboya-Aosta, Duke of Spoleto, was the son of Elena of France and the Duke of Aosta, Manuel Filiberto, head of a branch of the Savoy family and cousin of the King of Italy Víctor Manuel III (both grandchildren of Víctor Manuel II). Aimon, in turn, was the younger brother of Duke Amadeo, Viceroy of Ethiopia. At the beginning of the first world war in 1914 he/she entered the Italian Navy Reggia, which remained after the end of the war as a naval pilot. In 1936 he/she participated in the Ethiopian war in command of a destroyer, also in combat of land with the same crew of his ship. Then he/she was appointed to the position of the Department of the high Tierreno almirante-comandante, residing in the port city of La Spezia. There, still Bachelor, high altitude, became very popular for its frank and frequent parties that organized. On July 1, 1939, on the eve of the second world war, married Yriny, Princess of Greece and Denmark, sister of the King Jorge II of Greece and Queen Mother of Romania, which would have a son, Amadeo, in September 1943.

In 1941, after the conquest of Yugoslavia by Germany and its subsequent dismemberment, he/she was crowned King of the new independent Kingdom of Croatia (the current Croatia without Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Dalmatian coast and much of Serbia) with the name Tomislav II, after having rejected the Zwonimir. However, little interested in politics and aware of the danger that placed him the title, never to be in Croatia. The political direction of the country had in fact Ante Pavelic, head of the ustachas and supporter of Nazism and fascism. Aimon was devoted to their tasks in the Navy: in 1942 was appointed Inspector General of MAS, a body of light ships, with an important participation in various missions, and also to hide part of the Italian at the Black Sea Navy, when Italy changed sides (1943). By then his brother Amadeo, Duke of Aosta since 1931, died in an English prison, and he/she inherited the title. In September 1943 surrendered to the allies, giving to the Croatian throne. At the end of the war he/she moved to Argentina, where he/she died a few years later, in 1948.


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