Biography of Fernando Aínsa (1937-VVVV)

Uruguayan writer, born in 1937, whose studies of utopia have been published in various countries.

He settled in Montevideo, where he/she conducted a work important as journalist, critic, and essayist; He/She was also Professor of literature at the Macalester Colege (Minnesota), President of the Regional Center of the book for Latin America during the years 1972-1974 and contributor to UNESCO.

He has written novels such as the witness (1964), with some amazement (1968) and accent (1984), as well as collections of short stories such as the entitled on the shore (1966) and essays traps Onetti (1970), the search engines of utopia (1970), reconquistado (1977) time and extraterritoriality and literary homeland (1986).