Biography of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz (1890-1963)

Philosopher and epistemologist Polish born in Tarnopol in 1890 and died in Warsaw in 1963.

He made his studies of physical-mathematical science at the University of Lvov, in addition to philosophy with masters of analytical Lvov-Warsaw School. He/She was Professor of methodology of science and founded the journal Studia Logica; He/She taught at Warsaw, Lvov and, after the war, in Pozna (which became rector).

His name is associated with the development of an articulated theory of meaning and interesting epistemological doctrine development. Based on idealistic positions, evolved into the empirical realism, with special attention to the logic, semantics and epistemology. The meaning of the linguistic expressions is defined by him as a logical structure of the remaining relations between expressions, based on "rules of meaning" of a language (axiomatic and deductive and empirical rules). Thus, the development of the science is the development of their language, and consists of a sequence of "cosmic perspective" that do not reach the stage of a definitive picture of reality never, and each other occur due to the requirement to adapt ever more the facts with the theories. It was, in short, defender of the principle of objectivity; for the diversity of opinions would be reducible to, or effect, differences of language and statements.

He was an active member of the International Union of history and philosophy of science. His works include on the methodology of deductive Sciences (1921), language and knowledge and pragmatic logic (posthumous, 1965).