Biography of Fray Francisco de Ajofrín (1719-1789)

Spanish religious, who was born in Ajofrín, Toledo, May 20, 1719. He/She was baptized with the name of Boniface Castellano Lara, he/she wore the habit of the Capuchins in Salamanca, November 24, 1740, taking the name of Francisco de Ajofrín. He/She studied philosophy and theology. Vicar of the convent of Segovia in 1753. Reader and Professor of philosophy at the convent of El Pardo (Madrid), remained in Madrid until 1763. He/She defended the work of the Jesuit José Francisco Island entitled history of the famous preacher Fray Gerundio de Campazas.

By order of the general of the Capuchin, Pablo de Colindres, order, July 9, 1763, he/she was sent to new Spain to carry out a Commission of the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda Fide. Embarked in Cadiz bound for Veracruz to collect alms for the Capuchin mission of Tibet. He/She remained in those lands until 1766. His diary portrays everyday life in New Spain, from the highest dignities until the attitudes of indigenous peoples. We must point out that his diary began to be written the same year that the Treaty of Paris (1763) is verified. In June, 1767, he/she was in Havana. It used anagrams of Fernando Ricco fixed and Ricardo Anffescinio. He/She returned to Madrid, where he/she died in 1789.Entre his writings include: Journal of the trip by order of the Sacred Congregation of Propaganda Fide to the North America in the company of Fray Fermín de Olite, religious lego of my province of Castilla and [other six brothers]. Journal of the trip we made to Mexico Fray Francisco e Ajofrín and Fermín of Olite, Capuchin.Journey to Villafranca del Bierzo to identify the mortal remains of San Lorenzo de Brindisi, general of the Capuchin order. Journal of the journey to the new Spain.