Biography of rey arameo Akhuni (890-855 a.C.)

Aramean King of the State of Bit Adini, with capital at Til Barsip (Tell Ahmar), successor of King Adini. Akhuni, that showed excellent feats political, there were of face is, due to the circumstances that you played live, with the expansion of the Empire Assyrian, until was finally defeated by such invincible enemy. Its independence began it to lose in their struggles against the King Assur-Nasirpal II, who had to pay tribute and give 2,400 subjects, who were deported to the Assyrian city of Kalakh. Although he/she tried to oppose resistance to the successor of the Assyrian king Shalmaneser III - which managed to have a coalition of Kings Aramaeans-, their military efforts were useless, to be defeated on several occasions. In one of them, in the year 857 BC, was captured along with his sons, troops and horses and carried to the Assyrian capital, Assur. The Aramaean city of Til Barsip, occupied by the Assyrians, received a new name: Kar-Shulmanasharid ("port-Shalmaneser"), and the State of Bit Adini became an Assyrian province. Akhuni died in exile.