Biography of Claude Akins (1926-1994)

American actor born on May 25, 1926 in Nelson (Georgia) and died on 27 January 1994 in Altadena (California).


He began his career on the stages of Broadway, where was consolidating a trajectory that led him to the movies with 27 years. Physical characteristics - was a burly man - became you, inevitably, a side which, however, was shown by many of the directors with whom worked as essential in the composition of certain scenes. It was the necessary hard man image in many westerns, war and action movies.

Fred Zinnemann offered her first role was in from here to eternity (1953), although he/she was uncredited. Then continued with more presence in the mutiny of Caine (1954), by Edward Dmytryk; Comanche station (1960), of Budd Boetticher; Invasion in Burma (1962) or a distant trumpet (1964), Raoul Walsh. In these years he/she combined his work in the cinema with a continued presence in series and programs of television. Thus, since the mid-1950s he/she appeared in Dragnet, the law of the gun, I Love Lucy, Zane Grey Theater, caravan, Alfred Hitchcock presents, The Restless Gun, Perry Mason, Cheyenne, Bronco, the man's rifle, the untouchables, Bonanza, Daniel Boone, the Virginian, F.B.I. and many others, in a progression that led him up to a crime or Matlock was typed, in the Decade of the eighties. Most, police and immersed in the old West productions.

In the framework of this prolific career, he/she obtained a considerable popularity as a protagonist of television series including Laredo (1965), the character of Cotton Buckmeister; En route (1974-76), a production of NBC in which interpreted the trucker Sonny Pruitt (always accompanied by his friend Will Chandler, who played Frank Converse); Nashville 99 (1977), as the police Stoney Huff; or Billie Joe and her monkey (1979-81), in which he/she took the role of Sheriff Lobo, series that gave rise to another known as the misadventures of sheriff Lobo (1979). In these years intervened in any doomsday productions produced by Hollywood, such as alert!: flight hijacked 502 (1972), John Guillermin, and European projects on the line of tentacles (1977), Oliver Hellman. He/She devoted himself to advertising and died of cancer at his home in Altadena.


1954: The Caine Mutiny; Shield for Murder; The Raid; Bitter Creek; The Human Jungle.1956: Johny, coward; Coast of sharks; Burning hills; Battle Stations. 1957: A loner; Joe Dakota; Hot Summer Night; The Kettles on Old Macdonald completo farm. 1958: Fugitives. 1959: Farewell to my honeymoon; Ambush; Río bravo; Hound-Dog Man; Porgy and Bess. 1960: The legacy of the wind; Comanche station. 1961: Claudelle Inglish. 1962: invasion of Burma. 1963: Black Gold. 1964: Code of the underworld; A distant trumpet; Incident at Phantom Hill. 1966: The return of the magnificent six; Night of violence. 1967: Crazy West; First To Fight. 1968: The devil Brigade. 1969: Redhead, blonde and green eyes. 1970:flap; A Man Called Sledge. 1972: alarm!, flight 502 kidnapped. 1973: Battle for the Planet of the Apes. 1977: Tentacles. 1986: Monster in the Closet. 1987: The Curse. 1992: Falling From Grace. 1993: Seasons of the Heart.

Works for television:1971: River of Mystery; Lock, Stock and Barrel. 1972: The Night Stalker. 1973: The Norliss Tapes. 1974: In Tandem; The Death Squad. 1975: Eric; Medical Story. 1976: Kiss Me, Kill Me. 1977: Yesterday's Child; The Rhinemann Exchange (series); Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo; Killer on Board. 1978: Little Mo. 1979: Murder in Music City; The Concrete Cowboys. 1980: Ebony, Ivory and Jade. 1983: Desperate Intruder. 1984: Celebrity (series); Legmen (series); The Baron and the Kid. 1986: Manhunt for Claude Dallas; Dream West (series). 1987: If It completo Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium. 1989: Mothers, Daughters and Lovers. 1991: The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw. 1992: Grass Roots.