Biography of King of Sumer Akurgal (2464-2455 a.C.)

(A-kur-gal) Fifth Sumerian King in the first dynasty of Lagash, son of Ur-Nanshe and Abda. It is unknown how acceded to the throne, given that it was not the firstborn son. His ten year reign just we know nothing. Seven inscriptions, one of them on the head of a lion in stone, have transmitted us the news that built the Antasurra ("the one that shines from the sky"), a temple devoted to Ningirsu, in the vicinity of Girsu (Telloh). During his reign, he/she was forced to fight against King Ush of Umma, possibly the successor of Pabilgaltuk, which was not facing the tribute due to Lagash and also dared to penetrate the lagashita territory after having destroyed the border stelae. The result of the confrontation, is unknown although it is likely that he/she would have won Umma, city it occupied part of the Gu'edenna, Lagash bordering territory. He/She was succeeded on the throne by his son Eannatum. A famous plate of limestone (votive plaque of Ur-Nanshe, today in the Louvre Museum) collects the name and figure of Akurgal, along with his father and other members of his family.