Biography of King of la taifa de Carmona Al-Aziz al Mustazhir (s. XI)

Last King of the taifa of Carmona, who lived in the 11th century. With him disappeared the independent Kingdom of Carmona, absorbed by the taifa of Seville.

The Zanata Birzalíes Berber tribe, followers of the sect Nakiri of the Ibadiyya Kharijite, al - Aziz (or al - Izz) was son of Ishaq I of Carmona and succeeded him on his death in 1053, taking the title of to the Mustazhir. He/She inherited also the enmity with the Kingdom of Seville, whose expansive strength was already evident at the date of the proclamation of Aziz. Realizing the futility of fighting against Sevilla, he/she asked the King of Toledo Abul Hassan Yahya a castle within its domains to guard against attacks by Abú Amr Abbad of Seville. Finally the pressure was unsustainable and Aziz handed over its taifa the Seville that absorbed it, giving rise at the end of the reign of Carmona in 1067.


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