Biography of King of la taifa de Málaga Al-Hassan ibn Yahya (ca. 1025-1042)

King of the taifa of Malaga born about 1025 and died in Malaga in December of 1042. His reign was short and both his rise and his death was due to the intrigues of court hammudid Berber and Slavic elements.

Belonging to the clan of the hammudids, of Berber origin and Arab descent, Hassan was son of Yahya ibn Alí ibn Hammud, who had been Caliph of Cordoba between 1016 and 1018 and after the breakdown of the Caliphate was established in Malaga, also graduated Caliph. The mother of al - Hassan, Fatima, was daughter of the also Caliph hammudid al-Qasim and had also another son, name Idris. Shortly before the death of his father al - Hassan was named his heir.

Yahya ibn Alí died in 1035, but Hassan could not access to paternal heritage, due to the machinations of Ibn Baqanna and the Slavic Nacha, customers of the hammudids which had held government posts during the Caliphate of Yahya, and which offered the throne of Malaga to Idris I ibn Alí, brother of the late Caliph, although they put as a condition that appoint his heir to al - Hassan. That year, Hassan was named heir and sent to Ceuta as Governor, under the supervision of Nacha, which became his Adviser and confidant.

But on the death of Idris at the end of 1039, Ibn Baqanna, who sensed that the proclamation of Hassan would lose all its influence, was quick to appoint Malaga Caliph al Yahya II, son of Idris I. This appointment caused the reaction of Nacha, enemy of Ibn Baqanna, who proclaimed Caliph in Ceuta to al - Hassan, denying the legitimacy of Yahya II. After the oath of Hassan from them Ceuta and the inhabitants of the rest of them squares hammudids African, is organized a fleet to besiege Malaga and Enthrone there to the legitimate heir of Idris. The siege by sea and land from the square lasted for few months and in March 1040 Yahya capitulated and abdicated in favor of Hassan, with the condition that it respected its life and that of his followers. Hassan agreed to respect the life and properties of the deposed Caliph, and married a sister whose name does not collect the Chronicles. In the month of March to the Hassan it was proclaimed Caliph by Malaga and adopted the honorific title of al - Mustansin bi-Llah, obtaining also the recognition of the Zirid from Granada and other Lords of Al-Andalus.

Hassan sent to Ceuta to Nacha and commissioned by the Government of the African squares and appointed Minister Ibn Baqanna, sponsor Berber of the previous Caliph, and which had already served the hammudids since the time of Yahya ibn Alí ibn Hammud. Meanwhile Nacha sent to Malaga to Idris, brother of Hassan and that would be his successor. Hassan lived of the loyalty of his brother and sent him to jail, while ordering the assassination of Yahya II, who he/she considered a danger to remain on the throne, because the seat backs that it still retained at the Court (December 1042); less than a month later the wife of al - Hassan Avenged the death of his brother Yahya and poisoned her husband - Yahya died also poisoned-, who died childless.

The anonymous Chronicle of the taifa kingdoms presents Hassan as a monarch who was actively dedicated to the State Government and under whose mandate increased the public Treasury.


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