Biography of King of la taifa de Silves Al-Muzaffar (¿-1051)

Third King of the taifa of Silves, born on date unknown and died in 1051. He/She served the power from 1048 until his death.

He came to power upon the death of Muhammad ibn Isa. Before he/she had served as Qadi in Silves. It seems that they joined him certain ties of kinship with its predecessor, although this is currently unclear. If membership appears to be tested safely to an ancient Arab lineage, ibn Abi Nasr Muhammad ibn Ibrahim was the son of Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn Said ibn Yamil ibn Said ibn Ibrahim ibn Muzayn, by this name, we know that al - Muzaffar was a descendant of one of the first Muslim conquerors of the peninsula in 711. The importance of your family placed you in a privileged position facing the lineage of its predecessors but also Arabic seems not of such antiquity

Once in power he/she devoted himself to organize their defenses, met lots of men to strengthen the army and earned his subjects dealing obtained wealth. But undoubtedly his most prominent action was trying to ingratiate himself with the greatest enemy of the taifa of Silves, the taifa King of Seville Al-Mu'tadid; with the goal of trying to curb their unstoppable expansion. Their efforts were in vain as the Sevillian King attacks were consistent throughout the reign of al - Muzaffar. In almost all the battles that confronted both kingdoms Silves troops were defeated, despite the Organization of al - Muzaffar, both their livelihoods and his army were inferior to the Seville.

At the end of the year 1051, as a result of one of these confrontations between Seville and Silves, al - Muzaffar lost his life. At his death he/she was succeeded by his son Muhammad ibn al-Muzaffar, who was more concerned about culture than by the Government of their territories.


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